Thank you for your interest in the dolphin-safe policy of Paramount Seafoods, Inc. We are pleased to inform you that Earth Island Institute has confirmed our dolphin-safe policy, and it is approved by several conservation organizations. We have developed open lines of communication with the environmental community on this issue.

Dolphin-safe is defined by the following factors:

  • Drift nets are not used.
  • There are no purse seine sets made on dolphin through an entire fishing trip.
  • An observer from the National Marine Fishery Service and/or the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission certifies fishing vessels and trips in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Fishing methods considered dolphin-safe are long line, pole and line, and the purse seine method in the Eastern Tropical Pacific with certification only.

All of our tuna products on the shelf today are certifiably dolphin-safe and the labelling on our products proudly don the “dolphin-safe” indication symbol.