Paramount Seafoods was acquired by Freedom Nutritional Products Limited in 2003 which is now Freedom Foods Group Limited. Freedom Foods Group Limited is an Australian publicly listed company focused on a strategy to become a leading participant in functional foods.

Fish is being increasingly recognised as a "wellness" food which should underpin continued growth in the future. The National Heart Foundation of Australia recommend at least 2 fish (preferably oily fish) meals per week be consumed.

Paramount has a world class quality assurance programme in place via its strategic partner Bumble Bee Seafoods. Bumble Bee is North America's largest canned seafood company and via its buying power, ensures that the fish which are canned for Paramount are of the best quality available.

Whilst famous for it's salmon products, Paramount Seafoods also owns the Brunswick brand which produces Sardines and seafood snacks.

Paramount Responds To Inaccuracies in Greenpeace Tuna Report

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Brunswick seafood

Paramount is now the proud owner of Brunswick seafood in Australasia. Brunswick is a Canadian brand, well known for its long history of quality seafood products dating back to the 1900's.

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Paramount Prime Fillet Atlantic Salmon

Paramount Atlantic salmon is the gourmet catch of the day in an easy to open can. In each can you will find succulent skinless and boneless fillets of salmon with a distinctly mild flavour. A good source of Omega-3 and protein, Paramount Atlantic salmon is an ideal accompaniment to your favourite salads and pastas.

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Salmon, Basil & Creme Fraiche Pasta

Take a can of Paramount Pink Salmon and we'll show you how to make a delicious meal in a flash.

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